The Logo

Including the image of Venus in the logo was kind of a sine qua non term for its design! Focusing more on her face and not on her entire body adds a more personal and engaging tone in her drama. It is the same technique that a film director uses when he focuses his camera on the actor’s face to show his emotions and reveal the depth of his character.

The shape of the logo is similar to that of the shell used in ancient Greece by citizens to vote in order to “ostracize” (banish) a fellow citizen by popular vote. This is why the phrase is written inside the logo's framework, so that it can be associated with the democratic voting procedure of ancient Greece: The online petition is a form of direct democracy. The cobble-shaped logo serves also as a reminder of Drosinis' poem in which the first image from Venus de Milo's return is «the wave-like white cobbles» of her home.

It is a logo that shies away from any extravagance or multi-color graphics and conveys a simple message that can be clearly understood in any language and touch anyone's heart. 'Take me home', Venus says and challenges every visitor to release her global beauty and let her return home...