Curved during the first April's sunlight

She was carved by Greek hands and Greek spirit, she was washed by the seawater of Milos, she was whitened by the Cycladic eternal light and the saltiness on her body was sweetened by the wind of the Aegean Sea.

Haven’t they enjoyed enough of her out there, in a foreign land? For thousands of years, Venus de Milo has more than generously granted the light and the warmth of the sun of the Aegean Sea and the crystal blue and the eternal white of her island, she charmed them with the spirit and the beauty of the civilization through which she was born – but now the time has come for them to perform their duty, to do what is appropriate between two brothers.

I call upon our white country, our sea-water sun, our land which is hurt by saltiness and its wounds are cured by the sun: This body has spent two centuries away from you. A body forged by your stones and your sweet and salty fruits - only here under the light of Milos, will its beauty be restored again.

The time has come for us, the inhabitants of Milos, to bring her home and to take care of her so that she will live eternally near us, amongst us.

Let the citizens of Greece, the citizens of Milos and the foreigners know that the sacred monuments of a civilization cannot be bought nor can be sold. They don’t have owners or prison guards. They belong to the land in which they were born and in the civilization which revived them.

Katerina Tsatsaroni
Director of communications to the Minister of National Defence