The collection of signatures concept

Venus is in Paris, among other monuments of the world cultural heritage. It does not fit, however, in such an environment. You can see this from her disadvantaged size vis a vis the other monuments, but first and foremost from her totally different color. This particular shade makes her more humane and vivid, in contrast to the background offered by an emblematic city such as Paris.

Milos, on the other side, is Venus' natural environment. It is a place that awaits nostalgically for her return - that is why there is a hologram in that particular part of the rock. It is the place that constitutes an indispensable part of her substance, since she was disvovered there and she was violently taken from there.

This application encourages the user to move Venus back to her home. As soon as this simple, yet so meaningful move is completed, Venus becomes one with the island. Without any extravagance, without other magnificent monuments around her. Surrounded by just a rock and a handful of Cycladic houses. This is what she is missing, this is what she needs to be happy...